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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

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by February 23, 2018 essay sample

Abortion is the removal of the fetus of the baby before it makes it to the outside world. Around 56 million abortions are done every year and not all of them are safe. Pregnancy laws vary from country to country. As of 2008 less than half of the women of the world have access to legal abortions. Moreover, it some countries impose legislations on abortions depending on how long she has been in pregnancy. Earlier, abortions used to be done through herbs, by sharp tools or other traditional methods. Facilitating abortion varies from country to country is due to the socio-cultural views associated with abortion.

Knowing the procedure
Abortions can be done in multiple ways. Medical abortions are carried out through the consumption of an abortifacient. A very popular abortifacients used in medical abortions is mifepristone, typically used along with misoprostol or gemeprost, which are prostaglandins (physiologically active lipid compounds that works like hormones are derived from fatty acids) a two-step process effective within the two months of pregnancy.

Surgical abortions include the procedure of suction-aspiration whereby the fetus, placenta, membranes, all of it either by a manual syringe or an electric pump. Opening the cervix of the uterus and emptying it with instruments, which is called dilation and evacuation is also a form of induced pregnancy which is performed during the 15th to 26th week of pregnancy. If it is later to that, intact dilation and extraction is performed which is the extraction of the fetus through a small incision or what is known as a caesarean section.

The major conflict of abortion is between the questions of life with that of one’s right; killing of the fetus is the slaughter of an innocent being versus the fact that a woman should have the right to choose since it is her body. The basic intention behind having an abortion is to postpone the rearing of a child for a later point of time. It is not always a question of unprotected sexual intercourse between two youngsters, it can often happen that the family cannot afford to feed another mouth and instead of plunging a child’s life into that of abject poverty it is better to prevent that child from being born.

While writing on abortion…
In the world only 45% of the women have access to the procedure of abortion. Even today, religious laws, cultural traditions and customs continue to affect the regulations regarding abortions. These are to be kept in mind while attempting to write on abortion. Facts must be supplied along with a brief overview of the procedure so that it can enlighten people. Promotion of sex education in schools must be asserted in your writings since practicing safe and protected sex can prevent any unwanted toll on the body and mind of a woman and there is no need of killing off a new life.


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