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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

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Immigration is the movement of people over the global to a destined country with the intention of settling down; to become a citizen of that country. As of 2015, there are 244 million international migrants in 20 countries, the maximum concentration of migrants being in 19% the USA, followed by Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the UAE. Economists have found that Immigration is beneficial both from the country people are coming from and the country they are migrating.

Benefits of immigration
Say for instance, a person migrates from a place where the population is immense; there is a scarcity of jobs, literacy is not widespread, government cannot provide for so many people, by migrating, these people reduce the pressure from their countries, loosening the pressure on the exchequer. Moreover, when these people start working in other places, considering that the migration is usually from a third world country to a first, they send money to their homeland as remittances. These remittances help a lot of lives in developing countries. India is the largest international remittance receiver, followed by China then the Philippines at the third position.

Immigration also contributes to the GDP of the country receiving the immigrants. Immigrants help by flowing into industries where there is a shortage of workers in the low-skilled and high-skilled labor markets. By auctioning immigration permits depending on how a person is skilled, a market for immigration permits would be created and people can come with guaranteed jobs. Creating a market for permits can enable the country to earn enough revenue to use it to ameliorate the pressure on the services, owing to immigration.

The biggest problem for an immigrant in a new place is acclimatizing not only to the physical climate but also to the socio-cultural one. Immigrants often face hardships embracing the new culture and traditions and can find them to be overwhelming, leading to unexpected awkwardness in social gatherings. Those who travel to a foreign land, more so if they are alone, after some time, feel a conflict of identity: there is a need to latch on to ones’ roots and the need to embrace the new culture; a conflict of the self and the other.

Writing on immigration
Two approaches can be taken while talking about immigration. As mentioned above, the socio-cultural impact can be dealt with, referring to works by authors, autobiographies more than anything, of immigrants, their struggle to adapt to their new world; their idea of the ‘home’. This where literatures that came out of partition between two lands, separation of countries can be very insightful. Besides the socio-cultural approach, an economic standpoint can also be observed, in that case mention the benefits of migration and how it has affected countries over time; whether or not should some countries ban immigration, providing strong instances to validate your point.


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