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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

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Essay About Love

Essay About Love

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by February 16, 2018 college essay, essay sample

In scientific terms, love is a chemical reaction in your brain caused by the flooding of endorphins and other neurochemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, vasopressing the emotional cortex of the brain. Easier said than felt. A pragmatist might call it a momentary loss of neural control when met with something very attractive or what one, individually, perceives to be attractive. There is no one particular image associated with the idea of love. There are several senses of the idea of love, several terminologies not that only help us in terms of comprehensibility, to the benefit or loss of another person.

What is it like?
There is no one specific, concrete definition for love. It is different for different for different people; no two persons will have the same definition of blood, no matter how closely they are related. For some it is the same as the pleasures of skin, desire; for some it is what they feel in the company of a special someone; while for another it is enjoying a variety of gourmet dishes. Love is not and should not be restricted by the conventional heteronormative understanding of it. Moreover, it need not has to be for someone, it can be for something too.

When in love…
When in love, you will not be able to make head or tail of your emotions. You will want to be with that thing or person or in a place all the time. All their or its imperfections do not make the slightest difference to you. It is something only one can know when he or she will feel it happen, it is like an automatic sensory response that comes from within. It does not have a life span, it can be for a fleeting minute or an entire lifetime, you can never know for sure.

Writing love: can you?
Several have found it easier to express their feelings in written words that those of mouth. Writings on love is as old writing itself. Over time lots and lots of people have wrote novels and stories and poems and epics and ballads and odes on love. Remember that there is no one particular way meant for writing on love but it must give meaning to your feelings, that is, unless you want to make it public or at least share with your friends. If it is just for you, you write whatever your heart desires. You let the ink flow like a pretty horse, running across a meadow.

Before writing on love, try giving a read to those beautiful novels that pit a love story against an age of turmoil, political revolution, a war, a journey. Again, the idea of love is not restricted by heteronormative conventions. One must broaden their field of vision to at least try, if not be able to, fathom the immensity, the depth, the complexity of the feeling and sensation of love.


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