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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

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Bullying – An Essay Sample

Bullying – An Essay Sample

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Bullying is the act of threatening or exercising coercion to intimidate and dominate others. A kind of power politics is involved in bullying which distinguishes it from conflict; the bullied is the weaker one whereas the bully is the stronger one. Bullying can be between two individuals or between an individual and a group (the bully and his gang). This act takes place based on a person’s class, race, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, gait, gestures, size, and likewise. The activities that generally identify themselves as bullying are physical assaults, verbal abuse, threats which are repeatedly done to a specific target.

Forms of bullying
Bullying can occur wherever there is a possibility of human interaction: family, school, college, workplace, locality, social groups – like clubs and all. Bullying can be categorized into four types – Emotional, Physical, Verbal and owing to the internet, Cyber. Bullying, as mentioned before, involves a kind of power play. A person bullies another in order to feel stronger, to provide a boost to their self-esteem while some are just, simply, arrogant and self-obsessed or it could be that they, themselves were once victim of bullying.

  • Physical bullying: This involves, pushing, shoving, damaging of personal belongings of a person. Physical bullying does not occur at first instance; it climaxes from taunts, threats, mockeries. This type of bullying is extremely harmful and can even lead to death of a person.
  • Verbal Bullying: This includes calling names, using abusive words, spreading rumor that can damage a person’s reputation out of some adolescent prejudice.
  • Emotional Bullying: This type of bullying is done very subtly and is not blatant like the above two. The intention behind this type of bullying is social exclusion and a means to enhance one’s social strength.
  • Cyber Bullying: In simple words, this is bullying on the internet, through social media. This type also incorporates cyber-harrasment, death-threats, rape-threats against posts or comments made by a user. This is an online version of verbal bullying.

Effects of bullying
Whatever kind it may be, bullying takes a toll on the body as well as mind, emphasis on the latter. It destroys one’s self esteem completely; induces suicidal thoughts and tendencies; casts one to depression. An estimated 15-25 suicides are recorded every year in the UK due to bullying. Matters get worse when one is not supported by his/her family.

It has also been found out that serial killers had a history of being bullied. The behavior that one receives causes that person to develop a negative attitude towards everything; he starts to hate everything. However, it must also be said that there have been reports claiming bullying to have strengthened a person emotionally. Experts said that bullying teaches one to tackle disputes on their own and helps in cutting out social awkwardness.


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